Frequently Asked Questions



Does the Bike to Work Challenge cost anything?

  • You can participate for no charge if you want. We’ll ask you if you want to support Active Trans’ nonprofit bike, walk and transit advocacy work by choosing to include an Active Trans membership or make a donation, but you may certainly still participate for free.

How does it work? The Bike to Work Challenge takes just three easy steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Either be a Team Leader and create a team for your company or join a team that’s already started
  3. Start riding and logging your commutes!

Trip Tracking

Does the Bike to Work Challenge link up with other riding apps like Strava?

Why is Strava mentioned if I can’t use it to trip log?

  • Riders may use Strava to log their mileage and then go on to the Bike to Work Challenge website to manually log their miles.
  • If it is done this way, you will not gain the 2 points that are earned through using the B2WC App.

Bike to Work Challenge App

The app is not working correctly on my phone.

  • Please make sure that both your phone and the app are up to date, this should solve any glitches you are experiencing.

Point System

How do the points round out when the mileage is not a whole number?

  • If you ride 1.5 miles it will round up to 2 miles.
  • If you ride 1.4 miles it will round down to 1 mile.

Things to know:

  • This link will bring you to all the information you need about points and winning.
  • You can only receive a total of 10 points per day for one way and round trip rides.


What is a subgroup or subteam?

  • Let’s say a large organization creates a profile and would like to have interoffice competition, smaller groups can be created under the umbrella team of their organization.

Can I (the Team Leader) see all my members biked miles?

  • Yes, this is a function within the Team Management section of the website.