Logging Your Rides

All participants in the 2019 Bike to Work Challenge have through Friday, July 5th to log their trips and claim points for their team.

Like those obnoxious apps where you log every single thing you eat (is butter a carb?), logging your rides isn’t the most fun part of the challenge. But it’s necessary for us to keep track of winners, and for you to be super impressed by your accomplishment at the end.

To log your miles, visit the Bike to Work Challenge site and click on the Trip Log tab. Then click on the calendar for the day you rode, enter your miles and click "Log Miles," then hit enter.

How Challenging Works: Now we’re getting to the next-level stuff. You can challenge any of the registered participants of the Bike to Work Challenge. Click the tab under the challenge center and find a participant you wish to challenge. After you send that rider or organization a challenge they will be notified by email. They must log into to their profile to accept the challenge. Once the challenge has been accepted, you will be notified by email if and when the participant surpasses you in miles, giving you the chance to log more miles and destroy them. But in a friendly way.