How does it work?

How it works 

  1. Anyone interested in taking the Winter Bike Challenge (WBC) should register themselves here.
  2. Log any bike trips during January 13-27, 2017 (Individuals can log past trips until 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 1st.) 
  3. Log trips daily and win cool prizes. (click to prize page)
  4. Join the comradery and chat with fellow participants on Facebook  in our Winter Bike Challenge group. 

** Pro tip: We also have an app for convenient tracking.

A "bike commute" can be:

  • Riding both ways to your destination by bicycle - your bike, a friend's bike or a Divvy!
  • Riding one way to or from your destination by bicycle (the other way by another mode)
  • Riding part of your destination by pairing biking with transit, carpooling or any other mode.
  • Running errands to and from your home or work includes any and all trips on your bike during the challenge.

You only have to bike one time during the Winter Bike Challenge (January 13th - 27th) to be counted.