The Bike Commuter Challenge is the best way to celebrate Chicago Bike to Work Week, June 8–14, 2013.

Just sign up your company and be a Team Leader or join an existing team and start logging your trips during Chicago Bike to Work Week.

It’s easy, free, and most of all, fun! We’ll even help you get ready for the Challenge with tips and tricks on how to ride to work.

The Bike Commuter Challenge is brought to you by the Active Transportation Alliance. Active Trans is a non-profit advocacy organization that works throughout Chicagoland to improve conditions for bicycling, walking and transit while engaging people in healthy and active ways to get around.

For more information about the Bike Commuter Challenge, Active Trans, or to volunteer, please email commuter@activetrans.org, or call Maggie Melin at (312) 427-3325.


Does the Bike Commuter Challenge cost anything?

No, it’s absolutely free to participate. Just sign up and start a team or join an existing one.

How does it work?

The Bike Commuter Challenge takes just three easy steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Either be a Team Leader and create a team for your company or join a team that’s already started
  3. Start riding and logging your commutes!

How does my company win?

Companies compete with others based on their size and category. A company wins if it has the highest team rating in its category during Bike to Work Week, June 8–14. Runners-up are also recognized. So be sure that all of your team members are logging their commutes!

I’m really busy at work—how will I have time for this?

Leave that to us. If you signed up as a Team Leader, we’ll give you an attractive poster, a cool t-shirt, plus maps and safety information for you to share with your coworkers. One email is all it takes. You and your team members can opt to receive helpful tips on bike safety, choosing a route, and tons of Bike to Work Week fun events.

What’s in the Bike Commuter Challenge for me?

A chance to try something new and fun that could save me lots of money and stress!

I live too far away, how could I bike 10, 20, or 50 miles?

Any bike trip to work counts – even partway. You can bike to the train, bus, or carpool location and lock up there.

Do I have to bike every day?

No, you only have to bike one time during Bike to Work Week, June 8-14, to be counted.  Teams are judged on a "team rating formula," a factor of company size, team members, and number of trips taken; so just one trip – even partway – contributes to your teams score significantly.

I don’t have a bike.

What are you waiting for – get one! There are plenty of great deals out there, used or new! You don’t need anything fancy, a cheap bike uses as much gas as an expensive one – none!

My bike doesn’t work.

Get it in for a tune-up – most shops offer a basic (yet thorough) level of service for around $75-$100.

I don’t know the first thing about biking to work!

Become an expert in no time!  Check out the How to Bike to Work page: it has everything you need to know about:  

  • Clothes
  • Getting comfortable with traffic
  • Safety
  • Trip Planning
  • Bikes on transit
  • Parking/Locking


As you are now out of reasons not to join our Bike Commuter Challenge team, sign up today and let’s start bike commuting!


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